Eco Brush 2 GoInternational Team of Environmental Enthusiasts Work Together to Combat the Crisis on Pollution

In the US alone, 1 billion standard toothbrushes end up in the trash.  Toothbrushes have been accumulating in the earth’s oceans since the 1930s – and they haven’t been biodegrading.  At what point does humanity look itself in the mirror and say, “enough is enough”?

Sometimes society needs a little nudge in the back.  So, we decided to make a difference.

In the world of toothbrushes, we have our cheap manual brushes that average a couple months per person before heading to the bin, and exorbitantly expensive electronic brushes that, unless the head is silicone, have to be replaced (consequently sending the used one straight to the bin).

“Eco friendly” wooden toothbrushes make their way into a grey in between arena, and travel toothbrushes too for the overall lack of use.  But, overall, there hasn’t been much of a place for a long lasting, inexpensive, manual toothbrush.

We’ve taken the long lasting, eco friendly qualities of the beloved silicone electric brushes we’ve all seen and mixed it with the convenience and affordability of a manual short lasting toothbrush.  Except ours lasts.  Forever.

Our intuitive design accommodates users of all sizes, makes for a clean, sparkly brush-job without any abrasives of the standard bristle and, most importantly, is a massive attribute to the protection and preservation of our wonderful, beautiful planet earth.  Also, our cases are vegan-leather, waterproof, mirrored and keep your ecobrush2go from accumulating bacteria.

Over time, plastic becomes attractive to all of marine life.  It absorbs particles that are edible then are confused for an animal’s meal.  Please join us in our crusade against this epidemic.

Please be safe in this strange time for the world and thank you for your time.


The ecobrush2go Team

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